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This books brings for your daily to do's guides relating to food, sleep, exercises which are easy and motivating enough to start your journey of weight loss.

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Things you will learn from eBook

Eating it right
This books contain guide for choosing right ber which are the best combination of protein and ber, seeking the right protein source and much more
Building activites
This books guide you in your day to day lifestyle and put it into the format which is full of activities
Motivation guides
When you start a new lifestyle it’s normal to experience some soreness, this books guide you towards those elements which motivates you towards your health goal.t

What people are saying about the eBook

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Client 1

I hadn’t done any exercise for 10 years when I came across the Couch to 5K plan. When I saw that week 1 involved running for only a minute at a time, I felt relieved that someone understood my limitations, and the walking intervals made it feel less scary. I didn’t find it easy but it was much easier than I expected. Having the structure of a plan was hugely helpful and having designated ‘running days’ meant I couldn’t make excuses. I feel like I’ve taken something that I was so afraid of and I’ve well and truly beaten it. Not only have I conquered a fear but I’ve developed a new habit that I know is doing my health enormous good.

— David
Client 2

I love this eBook it taught me everything I needed to know and gave me motivation

— Kevin

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