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    Updated Friday, July 12, 2024 at 7:31 AM CDT

Shortcut to the City: TikTak

We know that the city is full of opportunity, full of excitement, full of life. Within this wide pool of experience, we highlight TikTak as a solution source to avoid missing any moments. We are the new generation transportation brand for the new generation urbanites, a reason for the city to be experienced to the fullest. The shortest way to get from home to work, from campus to a concert, is TikTak.

With TikTak, you can use thousands of cars suitable for your different needs and tastes, either individually or corporately, pay for the time you rent, and never worry about fuel costs. Earn more TikTak points than you paid in Metropolitan Municipality car parks or KASDAŞ and spend them as you wish!

Also, if you need a car every day, start using the car you want every day, just like your own car, for 30 days with the new generation car ownership TikTak Neo.

With TikTak mobile application;

Choose from thousands of cars of various different models to suit your every need.

Start renting by the minute or by the day.

Only pay with your credit card for what you use.

If you wish, become a TikTak Neo subscriber and solve your need for regular driving every day for 30 days with the most optimum budget.

Leave your car wherever you want within the Istanbul service area and finish your rental.

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